Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3d Practice

Just Practicing some low poly modeling and texturing here. Textures painted by hand (no-photo texture). Hopfully this will come out cool when its done.

More recent version, shadows cut out onto alpha cards. Still figuring out the best shape for those weird trees in the BG.


Kevin said...

Looking good so far. Only comment would be on the moon. Its not really fitting into the vibe of the tree or house, haunted feeling. The moon feels very Blue cartoony space moon instead of yellow orange creepy scooby doo moon. Crescent moon maybe?

I cant wait to see the house in 3d and your grass stuff!

Kevin said...

I take that back it doesnt even need to be a yellow orange moon. Your concept of it down below looked good with the de-saturated blue moon. and it had a glow which gave atmosphere which is nice.